This newly formed line-up of music professional veterans performs a modern alternative metal which they mix with “blues, electronica and euro disco” – all according to Rocknytt, the largest rock and metal website in Sweden. The very same also gave their latest album “Leave It All Behind” 4 of 5 and mentioned them to be “more interesting than most other modern metal bands today.”

The band consists of renowned musicians who have earned their ropes on stage and in the studio over many years, mainly outside the traditional rock and metal scene. 

The line-up is vocalist Petra Kvännå (Sky High, Team Cans etc), guitarist Joachim Björkegren (Max Martin, Chosen by Gods), bass player Elias Modig (Eagle-Eye Cherry, The Guild, etc.) and drummer Joacim Brunnberg (Eskobar, Mike Granditsky). All led by the band’s founder, primary songwriter and guitarist Marcus Hanser. 

On their album “Leave It All Behind” they are joined by guests Richard Sjunnesson (the Unguided) and Jakob Samuel (The Poodles). A stellar production mixed by the much respected Patrik Frisk and mastered by the legendary master mind Henrik Jansson, makes the album sound so good, that the reviewer in Stargazed Magazine claimed that “I find it hard to remember when, if at all, I heard a more well-balanced production!” 

So how does NERVED work out live? “So good it pisses me off” according to Clawfinger’s Zak Tell. The crowd at Sabaton Open Air is in for a treat when this “Rammstein of Dalarna” kicks off.