Welcome back next year!

Thank you so much for this year!

The 2018 issue of Sabaton Open Air was a total blast for us who arranged it, and we think that all of you visitors had a great time here in Falun as well.

A new visitors record of approximately 17 500 visitors over 4 days is one thing we are very proud of, and it was all thanks to You!

Next years date is Aug 14-17:th!

Tickets will be on sale rather soon, and all hotels in Falun will very soon be ready for your bookings. This year we will have a special booking code on the 4 hotels, to make sure only hard rockers will be able to book!

We will get back with more info as soon as we can and have something important to tell, and the best way of getting info as fast as possible is to follow us on Facebook!

Welcome back to Falun, Hårdrock city!