Running Order 2019

Wednesday 14/8

18.00Festival opens
TBADalaPop Stage
19.30TBADalaPop Stage
TBADalaPop Stage
21.30TBADalaPop Stage
22.30TBADalaPop Stage
23.45GrailknightsDalaPop Stage
01.00Festival closes

Thursday 15/8

16.30Festival opens
Signing Sessions:
16.45ManimalPrimo Victoria Stage
18.00War of ThronesPrimo Victoria Stage
19.15SerenityPrimo Victoria Stage
20.30BorknagarPrimo Victoria Stage
21.45EnsiferumPrimo Victoria Stage
23.15ApocalypticaPrimo Victoria Stage
00.45TBAPrimo Victoria Stage
02.00Festival closes

Friday 16/8

14.00Festival opens
Signing Sessions:
14.30TBAPrimo Victoria Stage
15.30Riot VHeroes Stage
16.30Crystal ViperPrimo Victoria Stage
17.30ArkonaHeroes Stage
18.30Brothers of MetalPrimo Victoria Stage
19.45AlestormHeroes Stage
21.15BloodboundPrimo Victoria Stage
22.30U.D.O.Heroes Stage
00.30LagersteinPrimo Victoria Stage
02.00Festival Closes

Saturday 17/8

14.00Festival opens
Signing Sessions:
14.30TBAPrimo Victoria Stage
15.30Attick DemonsHeroes Stage
16.30UtmarkenPrimo Victoria Stage
17.30Visions of AtlantisHeroes Stage
18.30TBAPrimo Victoria Stage
19.45GloryhammerHeroes Stage
21.15NervedPrimo Victoria Stage
22.30SabatonHeroes Stage
00.30ElvenkingPrimo Victoria Stage
02.00Festival closes