Rock Kids Area!

What about a V.I.P area, just for the kids?

A special area filled with fun things to do, and managed by a well educated crew that takes care of the smaller ones…

-Thats what the ROCK KIDS AREA @ Sabaton Open Air is about!

Image from the KIDS AREA 2017!

Some quick facts for 2018:

  • Increased security and experience for the kids.
  • All kids, 0-13 years old are welcome.
  • Open 17.30 – 22.30 Thur, Fri, Sat.
  • Wheelchair accessible in cooperation with Lystra Assistans.
  • Blaze Bailey, Ex Iron Maiden will be visiting the Rock Kids Area.Visa sida
  • Newly Nuclear Blast signed band, Follow The Cipher will play music with the kids.
  • Lead singer Linda from Follow The Cipher will do sing coaching with the kids.

-This is the place to bring your kids, and leave them for a short while too if you like!

We will make sure they have the time of their life, a hot dog and something to drink while they hang here. And our crew makes sure it all works like a charm of course!

The full schedule for KIDS AREA is to be found here!

Blaze Bayley (ex Iron Maiden) is one of the artists that will visit the ROCK KIDS AREA during the 2018 festival!


Our partnerss Lystra Assistans is in charge of the ROCK KIDS AREA!

And…. We are sure that you are sober and responsible when you visit this area with your kids, or picking your kids up. This area is exclusive for the kids and we hope that you all think that this is a good idea for you as a family while visiting our festival. Not a place to leave your kids so you can hang in the bar area.

No matter hos cozy and secure this is for your kids, 100% of the responsibility lies with you as a parent!